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DEC 2012

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(Left) Tsukuyomi at its frst sea test in Sagami Bay. (Right) The general arrangement of the Tsukuyomi glider. term to obtain the required data with limited resources. The data should be merged with computer simulations to elucidate the behavior of the whole ocean. For example, the Arctic Ocean, Antarctic Ocean and their surrounding oceans are presumed to be key areas where seawater descends and starts to circulate in deep water throughout the world. Underwater gliders for virtual mooring would meet the requirements for their study. Tsukuyomi Development Common underwater gliders are designed to travel a long distance, but Tsukuyomi is designed to stay in designated waters and to monitor the ocean environment for a long time. Therefore, it can descend and ascend with a steep elevation angle, glide with a gentle elevation angle and travel a long distance. Capable of diving to 3,000 meters, Tsukuyomi will be able to touch down to the seafoor in various waters, where it can sleep to extend the monitoring duration. Tsukuyomi, weighing 150 kilograms and measuring 2.5 meters long, glides underwater making use of a buoyancy engine (BE) and a gravity center controller (GCC). The BE, developed by JAMSTEC and Tsurumi Seiki Co. Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan) for the profling foat Deep-NINJA, consists of a hydraulic piston pump and valves. A two-way valve was added between the oil bladder and the oil reservoir. It is rated to 4,000 meters depth. "Fishers underwater video cameras brave the dangerous sites, so you -Jack Fisher, President don't have to" SeaOtter-2 ROV Only $19,995 Very Rugged and Compact Control Box with Built-in Monitor "Fishers underwater video products are cost effective tools for underwater search and inspection. The line includes low-cost mini cameras, dropped video systems, towed cameras, and powerful ROVs with scanning sonar onboard. Fishers has an underwater camera that will fit your application and your budget." Call for a free catalog or visit our web site: CT-1 Scan-650 Proton 4 0arine 0agnetometer Scanning Sonar $6,995 Cable TracNer with Signal InMector $13,495 Pingers Side Scans $12,995 $19,995 Pingers and Receivers P12 $695 %oat-towed 0etal 'etector $9,495 1953 County St., E. Taunton, MA 02718 USA • (800)822-4744 (508)822-7330 • FAX: (508)880-8949 • email: • 16 st / DECEMBER 2012

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