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42 ST | June 2018 AZFP Orders Continue For Japan Fisheries The National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering of the Ja- pan Fisheries Research and Educa- tion Agency has deployed an ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. mul- tifrequency acoustic zooplankton fish profiler (AZFP 125, 200, 455 and 769 kHz) in Yamada Bay, 450 km north of Tokyo since 2013 to un- derstand seasonal variations of zoo- plankton in the water column. To help the scheduling of the release of hatchery-reared juve- nile salmon and increase their survival in the sea, upgrades were purchased in 2016, including a solar-powered data logger with a cellular modem for the AZFP and a conductivity temperature sensor. The deployment of this upgrad- ed system was successful, and, as a result, FRA purchased a second ASL-built solar-powered data logger with a cellular modem in 2017 for deployment in spring 2018. Algae Biofuel Research Progresses to Field Study ExxonMobil and Synthetic Ge- nomics Inc. are in a new phase of their algae biofuel research program that could lead to the technical abil- ity to produce 10,000 barrels of al- gae biofuel per day by 2025. This includes an outdoor field study to grow naturally occurring algae in several contained ponds in Califor- nia. The research will help to better understand fundamental engineer- ing parameters, including viscosity and flow. The results are important for scaling the technology for po- tential commercial deployment. Maritime Clusters and Sustainable Development The World Ocean Council (WOC) and Economic Transforma- tions Group (ETG) have released the white paper "Ocean/Maritime Clusters: Leadership and Collabo- ration for Ocean Sustainable Devel- opment and Implementing the Sus- tainable Development Goals." By combining purpose in innovation, competitiveness, productivity, profit and environmental benefits, ocean/ maritime clusters can lead ocean sustainable development and real- ize economic benefits. Key recommendations include: enhancing and expanding the role of ocean/maritime clusters in imple- menting sustainable development; accelerating the networking of ocean/maritime clusters for collab- orative learning and action in sup- port of sustainable development; and supporting the development of ocean/maritime clusters for devel- oping countries. JW Fishers Celebrates 50 Years In 1968, Jack W. Fisher began developing underwater search equipment as an avid diver in need marine resources Q2: SonarWiz 7.2 New Features Interactive 3D PDF Bathy Contact Reports Shaded Relief Waterfalls and Contacts Acoustic Color Image Tool Customizable Plan View Color Legend Soft licenses = no risk of lost, stolen or damaged dongles Move from one PC to another in seconds Available immediately, no shipping necessary Supports data collection as well as post-processing Contact us today for details at (650) 967-2045

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