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Page 39 of 52 June 2018 | ST 39 cards and optional flash storage. Diamond Systems. Automatic Network Router Hubba X4 Global is a multiband, multiprotocol, dual SIM, LTE data router that interoperates with ex- isting VSAT systems to switch networks when out of range of shore-based networks. The router connects across multiple networks up to 20 mi. offshore and selects the vessel's VSAT system when out of mobile range. Buzz Wireless. Magnetometer for AUV The Explorer AUV magnetometer is an omnidirectional sensor towed behind the vehicle, allowing it to operate outside the AUV's magnetic signature. The Explorer's exception- al accuracy and sensitivity, small size, low noise and minimal power requirements make it ideal for use with AUVs. Teledyne Gavia. Wireless Personnel Locator In:Range is a wearable sensor for locating personnel in real time. Sig- nals triggered by alarms or distress movements are picked up by sen- sors that plug into standard power points, and data are transmitted to the bridge or emergency services or nearby ships. ScanReach. IMU-Enhanced GNSS AsteRx-i is a compact, multifre- quency, multiconstellation GNSS engine with an external industri- al grade MEMS-based IMU. It can deliver GNSS/IMU integrated posi- tioning to centimeter level and 3D attitude at high update rates and low latency. With a UAS-tailored carrier board, it integrates into light UAVs for optical inspection and photogrammetry. Septentrio. Vessel Tracking Upgrades ShipView 2.0 is a vessel tracking platform with a real-time satellite AIS data service that plots ship po- sitions on map layers for easy view- ing. It captures thousands of open- ocean vessels with positions less than 1 min. old. Recent upgrades include a three-year vessel track toolkit with playback functionality. exactEarth. ARIS Voyager 3000 is the latest model in the ARIS (Adaptive Reso- lution Imaging Sonar) product line. It is depth-rated to 4,000 m and available with 3.0 MHz and 1.8 MHz operating frequencies with a titanium design. Sound Metrics. Multitouch Monitors A new series of multitouch mon- itors, the 17-in. MU175T, 19-in. MU195T, and the 24-in., wide-as- pect-ratio MU245T, make up the "Hi-Brite" line of marine monitors. Based on the NavNet TZtouch ges- ture and interface systems, the new line features high brilliance and in- creased sensitivity. Furuno U.S.A. Offshore Data Analysis Ability Process Performance Dash- board is a cloud-based service that measures the performance of oil and gas facilities against indicators, including start-up time and opera- tor interventions. Data are then an- alyzed by operations experts using advanced data analysis technolo- gy, and results are fed back via the dashboard. ABB Ltd. Asset Management Platform NeoSight is an asset integrity man- agement platform that integrates with existing systems. Digital twin models allow for the integration of inspection, analysis and measured data for insight into asset behavior. Stress Engineering Services Inc. Positioning for Small Systems Compact, high-precision position- ing solutions include PwrPak7D-E1, a dual-antenna, multifrequency enclosure available with IMU and INS. The OEM7600 receiver board comes with protective shielding in order to isolate from electron- ics emissions. Waypoint Inertial Explorer Xpress is post-processing software for GNSS+INS data sets. NovAtel Inc. ST Deep-Rated Sonar find out more sound by design Multibeam Imaging Sonars Single and Dual Frequency Operation Portable Sidescan Sonars Towed, OEM, Hull and Pole Mounted Micro-USBL Tracking Beacons Bidirectional Acoustic Data Modems

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