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38 ST | June 2018 Teledyne PDS now supports side scan sonar backscatter mosaicking with a backscatter logging tab on the sonar side scan waterfall and snippets display and a layer to show port and starboard swath coverage and sailing direction. Teledyne RESON. Shape-Shifting AUV-ROV Robot Aquanaut is a multipurpose subsea robot that employs a shape-shifting transformation from an AUV to an ROV, removing the need for vessels and tethers. The vehicle enables both data collection over long dis- tances and manipulation of subsea objects. Houston Mechatronics. Adaptable Sonar Software Discover Blue's target-adaptive software automatically configures the side scan sonar system for com- mon targets and features a coverage mapper module with survey line planning and left and right steering indicators to assist in survey line control. EdgeTech. Sound Velocity Meter INSEA2 is a portable sound velocity meter for measurements in all types of sediments with on-site analysis. Four transmitter/receivers provide up to 12 acoustical pathways for data collection in the presence of obstacles, and the frequency sweep system collects data in less than 30 sec. RTsys. Mini High-Speed Connectivity The MiniMax connector 08 pro- vides full-speed Ethernet with eight AWG24 pins in a receptacle of 12- mm diameter. It has an anthracite coating with <5 mΩ panel ground- ing and is rated to 20 m for 24 hr. A new flashdrive is also available with a USB 3.0 and nine contact poles. Fischer Connectors. Port State Control App PSC Ready is a cloud-based mobile app to assist in preparation for port state control inspections and ensur- ing compliance with applicable re- quirements. The app allows training crews to detect, correct and avoid deficiencies and access statistics, data and news on PSC develop- ments. Bureau Veritas. High-Power Sub-Bottom Profiling Stratabox3510 HD is now avail- able in a 1,000-W configuration for greater power and deeper sediment penetration. For example, data from Stratabox3510 HD operating at 10 kHz revealed boulder and reef for- mations in subsurface substrate in a King Island survey. Syqwest Inc. product development For more information on any of these products, visit our website at Sonar Backscatter Mosaicking Portable Sulfur Test The X-ray Fluorescence Analyz- er is a portable testing device that measures the sulfur content in fuel in less than 3 min. Ideal for on- site spot checks to quickly confirm compliance at any stage of the bun- kering process, the analyzer can store test results electronically for audits. Parker Kittiwake. Rugged Embedded Computing SabreCom mission computers are based on I/O-rich SBCs and COM- based SBCs and feature a full IP67 rating and MIL-STD-810G compat- ibility. Systems are available in five processors and are customizable with PC/104 modules or PCIe mini-

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