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MAY 2018

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Page 31 of 44 May 2018 | ST 31 Electric ROV The XLe Spirit has an optional elec- tric or hydraulic five-function ma- nipulator arm and a self-regulating power feature that compensates for tether losses to ensure constant, stable power delivery to the vehicle regardless of tether length. Addi- tional sensors allow autopilot and pilot assist modes. Forum Energy Technologies Inc. rating, speeds over 10 kt., and oper- ates more than 40 hr. at 2 kt. with- out a payload on alkaline batteries. Riptide Autonomous Solutions LLC. Water Quality Multiprobe Aqua TROLL 500 is a wireless in- strument ideal for both spot checks and long-term monitoring that streamlines data collection and records data directly to a mobile device. The HydroVu platform pro- vides 24/7 online data access for long-term monitoring. In-Situ Inc. Wi-Fi Interface and Router Tidal Wave provides high-powered dual-band 3G/4G Wi-Fi and allows for concurrent listening across 2.4 GHz and 5.1 to 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi channels along with SIM activated cellular data. MBR-550 is a com- pact multisource router with a built- in access point. Wave WiFi Inc. Swarming Unmanned Vehicles SwarmDiver is a micro USV and UUV that operates in a swarm. Multiple SwarmDivers function si- multaneously as a coordinated en- tity controlled via one operator on the surface and perform dives on command to collect intelligence. Aquabotix Technology Corp. Sonar Base Systems Oculus M series multibeam sonars have a small form factor, weighing less than 400 g in water. Dual-fre- quency capabilities make them ideally suited for micro-platforms. Blueprint Design Engineering Ltd. 'Ocean Passages' Update A new edition of "ADMIRALTY Ocean Passages for the World" (NP136) has route diagrams along- side tabulated waypoint data. It has additions for hubs in the Black Sea and Persian Gulf and ports in Asia, Africa and South Amer- ica. UK Hydrographic Office. Swath Bathymetry EdgeTech 6205s produces re- al-time 3D maps of the seafloor while providing integrated swath bathymetry and a dual-frequency side scan sonar system. Swath cov- erage is up to 200°. EdgeTech. ST find out more sound by design Multibeam Imaging Sonars Single and Dual Frequency Operation Portable Sidescan Sonars Towed, OEM, Hull and Pole Mounted Micro-USBL Tracking Beacons Bidirectional Acoustic Data Modems Subsea Positioning System Canopus is the next generation of Ramses transceiver with underwa- ter acoustic communication be- tween transponders, transceivers and surface equipment. It embeds temperature, pressure and incli- nometer sensors. iXblue. GNSS Receiver The Vector V1000 GNSS receiver provides heading, position, pitch, roll, and heave data and supports multifrequency GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and IRNSS for simultaneous satellite tracking. It is powered by the Athena RTK engine and is Atlas L-band capable. Hemisphere GNSS. Advanced AUV The Iver Precision Workhorse AUV has an extended range of more than 40 nmi on a single charge, with point-and-click mission planning and extended-range Nortek DVL. It has EdgeTech 2205B conformal side scan plus bathymetry transduc- ers. L3 OceanServer. Micro UUV The MK II µUUV offers a nearly 70% reduction in hotel load power to 3.5 W with open-source software for updated mission planning, vehi- cle checkout and mission sortie ex- ecution tools. It has a 300-m depth

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