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22 ST | May 2018 fit from networking, clandestine communications, im- proved throughput and increased tolerance for difficult acoustic conditions. One could envision DOLPHIN-en- abled networks of unmanned systems finding and neu- tralizing mines in deep waters and in the surf zone. Commercially, the oil and gas industry and offshore renewables are looking to seafloor resident systems for installation and inspection, maintenance and repair. These applications will benefit from the utility, PNT and data connectivity taken for granted by mobile devices connected to conventional satellite and radio networks. Scientifically, there is strong interest in local, regional and global ocean observing networks. DOLPHIN Com- ms will allow such networks to function as well under the water's surface as they do above. Conclusion DOLPHIN Comms is a transformational new technol- ogy enabling full-duplex acoustic underwater communi- cation between static or mobile networks of nodes, sig- nificantly improving throughput of the networks. The technology has been validated in field trials, and there are ongoing defense applications and development projects planned. Commercial and scientific applica- tions and trials are of great interest. While the core technology is ready, the many layers of product and system-of-systems developments will evolve over time. A robust ecosystem of hardware manufac- turers, software developers and end-users must mature around the underlying technology. With appropriate, collaborative effort, it is reasonable to assume that a future "internet of ocean" will be feasi- ble based upon this new technology. ST Justin Manley is a technologist and executive with experience in start-up, corporate, academic and public sectors. After professional roles at MIT, supporting NOAA and in the private sector, he founded Just Innovation Inc. in 2015 to support a variety of clients with a focus on unmanned and undersea systems. Michael Murphree is the communications and surveillance technology manager for maritime systems at QinetiQ North America. He has a wealth of experience in undersea systems engineering, software and automation, as well as his current work with acoustic communications. Greg Folts is the director of business development for maritime systems at QinetiQ North America. He has more than 30 years of experience in un- manned systems and mine warfare as an engineer and a program manager for the U.S. Navy. Folts has been engaged in the private sector defense community, with a focus on sonar technology, since 2007. Update — SonarWiz 7.1 April 2018 New tools and automation make you more productive • Drag n drop import and auto vessel creation start projects 2–5x faster • Multi EGN tables speed up HF/LF signal processing by 2x • Pick contacts and features in new bathy, SSS and backscatter waterfall • Ad just files easier than eve r with enhanced color palette • LiDAR and SAS processing, support wide range of sonars and senso rs • Dongle-free license option, no more lost or damaged dongles Contact us today for details at (650) 967-2045 "While the core technology is ready, the many layers of product and system-of-systems developments will evolve over time."

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