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Page 37 of 44 April 2018 | ST 37 GeoEel Solid Streamer G-882 Magnetometer Conventional 3D P-Cable UHR3D Array P-Cable 3D Discover our extensive line of products specifically designed for subsea applications: Call or visit us online to learn more. 2190 Fortune Drive, San Jose, California 95131, USA • Tel: 408-954-0522 • Email: Marine Magnetometers & Seismic Streamer Systems UXO Detection Geohazards Pipeline Tracking Harbor Security ture environmental changes, such as global warming. Phytoplankton energy value was calculated using satellite images taken by the European Space Agen- cy between 1997 and 2013 that indicate where blooms of chloro- phyll-containing phytoplankton are, as the color of the ocean is altered by the light absorption. The nutritional value of phyto- plankton was found to strongly dif- fer depending on its type, location and time of the year; at its highest in September and lowest in June. The highest annually averaged sur- face concentrations of nutrients are over the Northeast Atlantic Coastal Shelves, whereas the lowest con- centrations were seen in the North Atlantic Tropical Gyral and in North Pacific Subtropical Gyre West. Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Supports Aquaculture BMT is using satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB) from TCarta as a critical data set in the selection of new fish farming sites in the Arabi- an Gulf. BMT is performing the site selection work on behalf of Environ- ment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD). Aquaculture development is emerging as a major market for highly accurate bathymetric data products. As a primary input for the mod- eling phase of the project, BMT ob- tained 5-m-resolution SDB products from TCarta for the waters around Delma. BMT also used TCarta Ma- rine Habitat Maps, which differenti- ate the surface compositions of the seafloor around the island in waters to approximately 10 m deep. Maritime Scholarship At Texas A&M, Galveston Bouchard Transportation Co. Inc. of Melville, New York, is giving a new scholarship to Texas A&M Uni- versity at Galveston: the Morton S. Bouchard Jr. Memorial Scholarship, named in honor of Bouchard Trans- portation's former president and CEO, father of Bouchard Transpor- tation's current president and CEO, Morton S. Bouchard III. "The scholarship is in memory of Mort Bouchard Jr.'s passion for the maritime industry, and his belief to always give back and support oth- ers," said Bouchard III. Four scholarships are available per year for a period of five years. The scholarships are offered to full-time marine transportation students in good standing, with demonstrated leadership skills. The recipient students also should be in pursuit of a deck offi- cer's license and a Towing Officers Assessment Record for a career aboard tugboats and/or petroleum barges. Bouchard Transportation Co. Inc. was incorporated in 1918 in New York Harbor. The company has remained fam- ily owned and operated for the last 100 years. It is the largest privately owned petroleum barge company in the U.S. ST

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