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Page 19 of 44 April 2018 | ST 19 rise in energy demand from tropical regions. By 2035, new power-gen- erating capacity in tropical regions (without including China) will need to be installed to cover in excess of 7,000 TWh a year. Competition Renewable energy is Bluerise's core activity, and, as a conse- quence, our competitive landscape has multiple dimensions. First, there is general competition from exist- ing and upcoming fossil resources such as LNG. Second, there is (per- ceived) competition from other re- newable energy resources such as solar and wind. And third, there is competition with a handful of other OTEC developers. Fossil fuels will only have a tem- porary role in the transition phase to a sustainable future. Other renew- able energy solutions such as solar and wind have the disadvantage of not being available 24 hr. per day. These resources alone can only partly cover the electricity demand, even in combination with storage. There is a limited number of parties around the world working on OTEC technology, most notably in the U.S. (for example, Lockheed Martin and Makai), France, Japan, Korea and the Netherlands. Cur- rently there are two grid-connected pilot plants in operation (100 kW in Hawaii and 100 kW in Japan). The largest OTEC plant that is now under development is a 16-MW plant for Martinique. This project is largely funded through the Europe- an Commission's NER 300 program for innovative low-carbon energy demonstration projects. Having built a good relationship with these other OTEC parties, we have creat- ed a setting conducive to collabo- ration. Projects Bluerise is co-developing two projects in the Caribbean: one in Curaçao and one in Jamaica. The project in Curaçao consists of the development and operation of a 10-MW thermal deep seawater district cooling system, combined with 500-kW OTEC power gener- ation. This project alone will cre- ate more than 700 jobs and have a positive impact of about 1 percent GDP, as estimated by the Minis- try of Economic Development of Curaçao. In Jamaica, Bluerise has signed a joint venture agreement with its partner New Leaf Power for the development and construction of a 21-MW thermal deep seawater district cooling system servicing the Montego Bay Freeport area with sustainable and affordable cooling. The project has received a "letter of no objection" from NEPA, the Envi- ronment and Planning Agency and the Caribbean Development Bank, and the Canadian government has provided support for initial custom- er education programs. Bluerise has more projects in the pipeline, including ones in Colombia (San Andrés and Barran- quilla) and Sri Lanka, where it has performed feasibility studies with a positive outcome. In all these proj- ects Bluerise is closely cooperating with governments and experienced partners. As a Dutch company, we are fortunate to have the support of the Dutch government and relatively easy access to what can be consid- ered our home market: Saba, Statia, Bonaire, Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten, the Caribbean islands in the Dutch Kingdom. Execution of these first projects will accelerate the commercialization of our OTEC power technology. Additionally, we are looking into OTEC market opportunities that involve the production of drinking water and the cooling of greenhous- es for fresh food as well as other products. ST Berend Jan Kleute is CTO and co-founder of Bluerise ( He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering and M.S. in offshore engineering from the Delft University of Tech- nology (DUT). Through his involvement in various international offshore renewable ener- gy projects, in collaboration with industry, he found his passion and works hard to accelerate the implementation of OTEC. At Bluerise, he led the development of a room-size advanced OTEC power plant, built in cooperation with DUT. Currently he is working on scaling the technology to projects in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Parallel to his work at Bluerise, he helps lead the Ocean Energy Platform at DUT. www. 25 rue Michel Marion 56850 Caudan - France +33 (0)297 898 580 - UNDERWATER LISTENING SYSTEMS New Noise Processing Features Versatile Acoustic Recorders Real-Time Listening Remote Buoys International Standard and Guideline Compliant (ANSI, MSFD...)

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