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36 ST | February 2018 Canada Protects Critical Habitat for Eight Species The government of Canada has signed eight Critical Habitat Or- ders under the Species at Risk Act. The approved orders will allow for further protection of eight at-risk species, including two whales (the North Atlantic right whale and be- luga whale of the St. Lawrence Estu- ary), three fish species (spotted gar, eastern sand darter, Rocky Moun- tain sculpin), and one mollusc species (northern abalone). Also approved is the Proposed Critical Habitat Orders of the northern bot- tlenose whale and the lake chub- sucker fish species. A Critical Habitat Order focuses on protecting specific geographic locations and conditions essen- tial for the survival and recovery of the species, such as where they give birth, hatch, feed or raise their young. Fisheries and Oceans Can- ada is especially concerned about the plight of the North Atlantic right whale following multiple mortal- ities in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the summer of 2017. The Critical Habitat Order ap- proved for the North Atlantic right whale will provide protection for the whale's critical habitat in the Grand Manan Basin (Bay of Fundy) and the Roseway Basin (off south- western Nova Scotia). Open Ocean, VORTEX Partner On Offshore Metocean Open Ocean, which launched Metocean Analytics in 2015 to of- fer metocean studies on demand, teamed up with Spanish wind expert VORTEX to make Metocean Analyt- ics a complete online solution for site analysis during offshore project development. Metocean Analytics is upgraded by including the SERIES and FARM solutions from VORTEX. VORTEX is an independent pri- vate company that has been provid- ing wind data and analysis to the wind energy sector since 2005. Metocean Analytics simplifies and accelerates the analysis pro- cess for offshore development sites, providing average metocean con- ditions, extreme value analysis and operating weather windows. UK Pledges Funds To Fight Plastic Pollution The U.K. will use funds from its foreign aid budget to fight plastic pollution in developing countries. "We've all been very concerned by the pictures we've seen in recent months of the impact of pollution on marine life, the impact of plas- tic pollution," U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May said, according to UN Environment. "We are looking at what more we can do and how we can use over- seas aid money to ensure we're... reducing this terrible pollution that is taking place and affecting marine life so devastatingly." marine resources

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