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Page 27 of 52 February 2018 | ST 27 can be integrated with AUVs, such as fluorometers, spec- trophotometers, imaging microscopes and other technol- ogy. Although these analytical instruments exist and are market-ready, they require modification for integrating into AUVs, and this is where there may be disconnect between scientific research and business. Turner Designs' expertise with AUVs has been primar- ily gained through our collaborations with companies such as Liquid Robotics, Navocean or Slocum gliders, so we are limited in our knowledge of the detailed workings of AUVs. However, we have picked up on some very important characteristics users need when deciding which fluorometric instruments to integrate with their AUVs. Understanding these characteristics will help bridge the gap between instrument vendors and integrators to help increase the sampling power of AUVs. Instrument Integrations In many AUVs in which Turner Designs instruments have been integrated, the most requested feature is higher-powered fluo- rometers. This is understandable consider- ing that these AUVs have a standard configuration and power scheme that was designed for power-hungry in- struments such as ADCPs and CTDs as part of their stan- dard package for measuring temperature and salinity or looking at bathymetry. For most missions, fluorescence is a new parameter and doesn't seem to be a priority un- less there is a specific need or request to be fulfilled, so the burden falls on vendors to make their instrument fit within the power requirements specified by the integra- tor. The benefit in this case is two-fold because it is in the interest of the vendor to make low-power instruments for expanding integration possibilities. Other requests include the ability to configure the instrument for different applications and form factors so that an instrument can be shared among different AUVs. Apex ™ SeaCam ® 4K UHD and HD The pinnacle of performance Superior Performance - Proprietary corrector optics with low-distortion 70° horizontal FOV. Zoom Capabilities - 12x optical zoom in 4K UHD and HD output formats, and 24x combined lossless digital zoom in HD. Robust Design - 6,000 m rated titanium housing and optical dome tested with over 10,000 pressure cycles. Flexible Configuration - FleXlink ® , CWDM fiber optic, and coax output options. Sony VISCA compatible. Contact us today for more information: 1 800 487 3775 MODIS chlorophyll data taken before and after Tropical Cyclone Freda. The crosshairs in the plot to the right indi- cate the point of intersection between the Wave Glider and the cyclone.

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