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10 ST | February 2018 P eople around the world are calling our times the be- ginning of a new industrial revolution, one where the physical, biological and artificial aspects of technology are combining to alter our lives fundamentally in a way never before experienced. The first industrial revolution started with mechaniza- tion and the use of water and steam power; the second industrial revolution used electricity and created mass production and assembly lines; the third industrial rev- olution saw the advent of electronics, computers and automation; and the fourth one is building on top of the third to create cyber-physical systems, where physical and software components are intertwined and controlled by computer-based algorithms, integrated with the Inter- net and users. In this new industrial revolution, growth that used to be linear is now exponential, happening very fast to the point that we can no longer use the past to predict the future. Change in general is accelerating; the technolog- ical and cultural changes that we will see in the next 50 years are going to happen faster than the changes that happened in the past few hundred years. And this has meaningful consequences; it is disrupting almost every industry, and the maritime industry is no excep- tion. Emerging technologies and new concepts such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, unmanned vehi- cles and augmented reality are already affecting the maritime world. We can see some hints of that in the economics of the shipping industry; for instance, GDP and cargo volumes have become decoupled. Some experts in the field call this a new "Seaconomics" era. Technology and a new genera- tion (millennials) are changing the economic dynamics. The focus is no longer on the lowest price, the most profitable thing or the best cost-benefit balance; the focus now is on sustain- The Maritime World Enters The Fourth Industrial Revolution New Era Requires Revolution of Data Processing, Analysis and Use By Rafael Ponce

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