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44 ST | January 2018 "Offshore renewables, for obvi- ous reasons," wrote another. "Design and production of AUV/ strengthening service structure and marketing efforts," was the response of one participant. "Other manufacturers - business seems to be picking up," wrote an- other. We asked participants about the effect of current government spending on their businesses, and the majority reported moderate to significant impact from the federal budget. Marine Renewables In the last several years, we've been asking survey participants to report to us on the marine renew- ables market in order to monitor the potential of this segment. Although not currently involved in marine re- newables, one respondent wrote: "I believe that this market has a strong potential due to the increasing 'ac- tivation' of states on the issues of alternative energy sources." "Renewable energy is definitely producing an impact and the mar- ket can only go up," a respondent said. "In Mexico you have to invest a lot in this field, water purification plants, wind energy, the potential in Mexico is huge, [but] there are not many companies that dedicate themselves to it as in other parts of the world," wrote another respon- dent. As for specific market activity, re- spondents reported offshore wind, cameras and lights, clean tech in ship propulsion, ocean energy and wave measurement devices as ac- tive areas. Domestic, International Outlook Most survey participants ex- pressed a positive mood in the ma- rine industry in their domestic mar- kets. The U.S., Greece and Russia were generally pegged as good for business. Those reporting a more sober mood cited the downturn in the oil and gas industry and con- cerns about the effect of govern- ment leadership and policy imple- mentation. Overall, responses ranged from "upbeat" to "cautiously optimistic" and "challenging." As for the international marine market, responses were mostly pos- itive, with participants calling the international mood "good," "ex- panding," "strong" and "optimistic." Some of the cautious respons- es reported concerns with growth prospects and government issues. The international marine indus- try has not been "growing larger for the last 5 years," wrote a respon- dent. Another respondent is "very concerned" because "international customers do not trust or view the current administration as reliable in honoring agreements and other matters of business exchange." On a hopeful note, one respon- dent believes the international ma- rine market will expand because of new technologies. ST & LINEAR For mor building amplifiers to drive reactive loads. 7263 Engineer Rd., San Diego, CA 92111-1493 (858) 571-1111 FAX (858) 571-0188 Copyright 2018 isit our Model S16-20 A A 20% duty 35 x 31.5 x 35.5 inches; 985 lbs.

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