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NOV 2017

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A Ships, underwater vehicles, structures and basic underwater materials B Ship and base instrumentation, navigation, positioning, computers, data processing, communications, telemetry, optical, laboratory, sensors, samplers, recorders, etc. C Radar, sonar and detection systems D Cable, rope, deck gear, marine hardware, electrical equipment, general machinery and equipment supplies E Research, development or consulting G Survey, exploration or mapping services H Construction, diving or charter services J Government, civilian employee K Government, military personnel L Educational institution, libraries M Fishing, seafood processing P Offshore petroleum, mineral recovery R Environmental monitoring, pollution control T Ports, harbors, homeland security U Renewable energy Z Other My copy will be circulated to persons. Would you like a bulk subscription? YES, I want a bulk subscription. Please send me copies. NO, I do not want a bulk subscription. SEA TECHNOLOGY M A G A Z I N E S U B S C R I P T I O N R E Q U E S T F O R M F O R FA S T E S T S E R V I C E , P L E A S E A P P LY O N L I N E AT W W W. S E A - T E C H N O L O G Y. C O M / S U B S C R I B E . H T M L . Fax to: +703-841-0852 or scan and e-mail to Available free of charge to qualified persons. Form must be filled out completely to be considered. Overseas airmail available—please contact us at or +703-524-3136 for details. I would like to receive (continue to receive) FREE issues of Sea Technology magazine: [ ] YES [ ] NO Please complete the form below, sign & date on the appropriate lines, and return. Or for FASTER service, apply online at . Signature Date Name Job Title Company Dept. PO Box/Street Suite/Apt City State Zip Country Phone Fax e-mail I understand that my e-mail address will not be sold, redistributed or traded and will be used only for communications within Sea Technology magazine. 02 ❏ Administrator, executive, owner 03 ❏ Manager, department/division head, director, chief engineer 04 ❏ Designer, engineer, scientist, professor, consultant 05 ❏ Technician, operator, diver 06 ❏ Buyer, marketing/sales manager 07 ❏ Other CHECK ONE ITEM ONLY WHICH BEST DESCRIBES YOUR JOB TITLE: Indicate the primary activity of your organization by placing a "1" on the appropriate line below. In order of significance, please indicate any other applicable classifications with a 2, 3. I would like to receive Sea Technology magazine in (check one box only) ❏ the print version ❏ the digital version ❏ both versions ❏ YES! I would like to receive the bi-weekly newsletter, Sea Tech e-News, via e-mail. I have provided my e-mail address above. ® Return form to: Sea Technology magazine Compass Publications, Inc. PO Box 600 Deer Isle, ME 04627-0600

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