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NOV 2017

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14 st / November 2017 into Dive ® Ocean Science for a Better World . into Dive ® Ocean Science for a Better World C«ÙãÙ®þ®Ä¦ ÃÙ®Ä ÖÙ㮽/ֽĻãÊÄ ®ÝãÙ®çã®ÊÄÝ Ä ùÄÃ®Ý is essenƟal for a beƩer understanding of our oceans. Our team of researchers design state-of-the-art opƟcal instrumentaƟon, help validate remote sensing algorithms, and study biophysical interacƟons and algal blooms in diverse regions ranging from coastal estuaries to the open oceans. OçÙ RÝÙ« AÙÝ ®Ä½ç • Bio-opƟcal instrumentaƟon development (e.g. in situ holographic microscopes) • Remote sensing algorithm validaƟon • ParƟcle-ow & biophysical interacƟons • SpaƟal-temporal plankton distribuƟons • Harmful Algal Bloom dynamics To learn more about what we do, and ways to partner, visit, and call us at 772-242-2280 to start the conversaƟon.

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