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28 st / August 2017 Time Lapse; Unmanned Vehicles Air, Land, Sea; and Vertical Seismic Profile. Special sessions include: Devel- opments and Applications of Sur- face-Wave Methods; Emerging Pro- fessionals, Emerging Technologies; Engineering Geophysics; Geoscien- tists Without Borders; Hydrogeophys- ics; Injection-Induced Seismicity; Near-Surface Geophysical Methods for Archaeologic Research; Recent Advances and the Road Ahead; S- Wave Reflection Seismology with P Sources; and Special Global Ses- sion: U.S./Canada. See the Techni- cal Program Session Grid at http:// ule/Sessions. Continuing education (CE) courses offered at the SEG Annual Meeting include: 3D Seismic Attributes for Prospect Identification and Reservoir Characterization; Concepts and Appli- cations in 3D Seismic Imaging; Rock Physics, Geomechanics and Hazard of Fluid-Induced Seismicity; Carbon- ate Essentials: Pores to Prospect; An Introduction to Migration and Veloc- ity Model Building; Seismic, Petro- physical and Geomechanical Char- acterization of Organic-Rich Shales; Full-Waveform Inversion; Gravity and Magnetics for Explorationists; Marine Broadband Technologies: Theory & Practice; Microseismic Monitoring in Oil or Gas Reservoir; Petroleum Sys- tems of Deepwater Settings; Planning and Operating a Land 3D Seismic Sur- vey; Seismic Diffractions: Modeling, Imaging and Applications; Structural Geology in Seismic Interpretation; The Interpreter's Guide to Depth Imaging; and Petrophysics and Geophysics Rel- evant to CO 2 Enhanced Oil Recovery. Register for CE courses at http://seg. org/Annual-Meeting-2017/Schedule/ Courses. The SEG Advanced Modeling pro- gram (SEAM) will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the Annual Meeting on Monday, September 25, at 1:00 p.m. in the SEG Pavilion in the exhibition hall. SEAM is a partnership between industry and SEG designed to advance geophysical science and technology through the construction of subsurface models and generation of synthetic data sets. Latest Survey The 2016 SEG Annual Meeting Dallas on-site survey revealed that 90 percent of attendees rated the qual- ity and variety of exhibitors as good/ exceptional, 85 percent attended the event to encounter new products/ser- vices and new technology, 82 percent rated the technical program as good/ excellent, and 83.4 percent said the event was important/very important for their job. Almost 60 percent recommend or make the final purchase decisions for products and services. Geophysicists comprise 51.8 per- cent of attendees, and 65.5 percent came from North America. Other re- gions represented include Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, South America and Africa. Registration This event will provide attendees with vast amounts of cutting-edge technical insight, high-level network- ing and new business development op- portunities across multiple disciplines of the geosciences sector, including global oil, gas, mineral exploration, near surface, archeology and more. Thousands of geoscience profession- als from more than 70 countries are expected to attend. You can register now at SEG members save up to $200 on reg- istration. ST "This event will provide attendees with vast amounts of cutting-edge technical insight, high-level networking and new business development opportunities across multiple disciplines of the geosciences sector"

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