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JUL 2017

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10 st / July 2017 T he way the world thinks about renewable energy has transformed. It is no longer just a concept but a reality, and interest in renewable energy is growing globally. With much of the world looking for fossil-free energy sources, wind power is becoming increasingly popular, and forward-looking companies are adapting their oil and gas solutions for use in the renewables sector. As the industry continues to move further off- shore, oil and gas companies can shorten the de- velopment time for new concepts by transferring oil and gas industry knowledge and expertise to renewable energy. The offshore oil industry can bring four main lessons to the offshore wind industry: proven technologies and experience from offshore ap- plications that can be tailored to offshore wind applications; maintenance of the high standard of safety and compliance levels for product design, manufacture and installation; innovation and pushing boundaries; and suppliers' and custom- ers' engineers working shoulder-to-shoulder. Using these four lessons, Trelleborg has found that its proven expertise and passion for innova- tive polymer engineering in the offshore oil and gas sector has helped accelerate performance for its customers in renewables. One example of this knowledge transfer is the development of a cable protection system using similar materials to those in oil and gas applications and rethinking the de- sign for use on offshore wind farms. The requirements for design integrity are subtly different for the different sectors, and renewable cable protection is generally for power cables, as opposed to risers and umbilicals, and most often with much smaller diameters and less dynamic loads than in the oil and gas sector. Cable Protection Trelleborg has long delivered effective cable and flowline protection solutions for the oil and The Renewables Industry Can Learn from Oil and Gas Knowledge Transfer Can Accelerate Renewables Development By John Deasey NjordGuard verification testing took place at ORE Catapult's National Re- newable Energy Centre in the U.K.

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