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Page 17 of 72 June 2017 / st 17 the placement of markers at chosen locations, is no lon- ger necessary thanks to the accuracy of the SonaDive positioning system. Follow- ing operations, data extrac- tion and image exploitation were deemed to be intui- tive. Further Development With this new tool, RT- sys foresees numerous de- velopment possibilities. In terms of acoustic com- munication, the engineers would like to develop a self- repairing communication network between divers and the surface; a network within which each node is a transponder. Information exchanged could be not only SMSs but also the coordinates of points of contact. Eventually, RTsys would like to make it possible to show these points on the charts displayed for all divers involved in an operation. This means the possibility of greater collaboration between divers, or even between underwater equipment, with applications for drone swarms, for example. Software-wise, the system is flexible enough for subse- quent updates to enable users to increase the capacity of their SonaDive. RTsys developers would like to give users the ability to import data from HYPACK software into the device, such as previously detected objects and their loca- tion. Date, time and location information is associated with the images collected using the sonar or camera, and this information will soon be included in the image itself. RTsys plans to use its positioning expertise, such as that developed for the COMET underwater drone, to develop an in- creasingly dynamic diver positioning system based on underwater acoustics. The SonaDive's capabili- ties will continue to build on RTsys's innovative solutions in underwater acoustics and electronics in the coming years. Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank Sébastien Plouzennec at RTsys for information on SonaDive's software and Creocean for the photo they supplied for this article. ST Dominique Ropert is the SonaDive project manager and the defense export manager at RTsys, as well as a marine consultant. Raphaël Bourdon is the chief technology officer and co-founder of RTsys. He has a master's degree in electronics. Alice Vettoretti collaborates with RTsys as an independent science writer. She has master's degrees in oceanology and scientific communication. BERTHWATCH REAL-TIME BERTH DEPTH MONITORING AND REPORTING SYSTEM BERTHWATCH is an application of proven technology, providing real-time information about dynamically changing berth conditions at any time. Operators can use this accurate data to make better, safer management decisions about loading vessels to optimise revenues without compromising safety. This is the power of persistent, real-time berth monitoring. An underwater view from SonaD- ive's video camera. (Photo Credit: RTsys)

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