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20 st / June 2014 serting them into the database, presenting results to the user, and showing the Web interface through which the user can view and edit data for each mission. Moreover, this block is responsible for communicating with the 3D engine module in order to start reconstruction with the user's data and re- ceive results. A Web application has been developed using PHP server-side scripting and HTML5 markup language. 3D Engine Module and Database. This block includes the database where images and other data are stored and crocontroller. This structure can be conceptualized in the form of an Android smartphone. Some sensors are already present within this structure; others are accessible using a specifc board connected through Wi-Fi and housed in an underwater case. Once on the surface, as soon as an Inter- net connection is available, the device becomes a sort of virtual buoy, sending data just collected to a server created for DiRAMa. To this aim, smartphones, tablets and smart cameras equipped with Android OS have been identifed as suitable technology, principally because they include intel- ligence, a camera and several sensors. Moreover, Android OS is open source and able to run on different devices. An interface has been created that involved developing an ap- propriate application able to acquire images, while at the same time recording data from sensors and sending them to a server. Moreover, through the application, users are able to register and log in to services available on the Web. The app also allows for the display of post-processing results. To use DiRAMa underwater, the mobile device can be placed in commercial or custom underwater housings. PHP/HTML5 Web Server. A Web server has been devel- oped to acquire and catalog data. It manages user data reg- istration and images sent from a DiRAMa mobile device, in- (Left) The general architecture of the DiRAMa system. (Bottom) A 3D reconstruction using DiRAMa of the Gallinara Island survey. JUN2014.indd 20 6/4/14 1:04 PM

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