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such as lobsters, crabs and insects. Frameless hollow motors and harmonic gears satisfy the requirements of downsizing, lightweight and zero backlash. The absolute encoder was attached to each joint to initialize the joint angle from the incremental encoder with abInside the control van, there are seven computers and nine monitors for control solute joint angle. All parts and monitoring of CR200. of the joint are contained in the aluminum casing for pressure resistance and watertightness. on the top of the body. The scanning The fabricated leg and arm were tested sonar provides high-resolution acousin a pressure chamber up to 25 bar. tic images around the robot. The USBL responder provides return pings to the Remote Control System surface system so that the underwater Once CR200 is launched, all conposition of the robot can be traced. trol and monitoring are conducted in The color HD zoom camera, AXIS the control room. A 20-foot standard Communications (Lund, Sweden) AXIS shipping container based at KIOST Q6035, and acoustic camera, Sound contains all of the equipment for conMetrics Corp. (Bellevue, Washington) trolling CR200, such as the power ARIS Explorer 3000, on the pan/tilt supply, communication system, and device provide the optic and acouscontrol and monitoring system. There tic images in real time. The six optiare seven computers and nine LCD cal cameras, DeepSea Power & Light monitors. The agent computer, a gate(San Diego, California) Nano SeaCam, way that functions as a link between Wide-i SeaCam and SeeSnake SS-30C, the equipment on CR200 (legs, sensors are attached on each side of the body, and actuators) and the computers in with three on each side, for visual inthe remote control room, is a real-time spection around the body. controller based on the Linux operating The links and joints of the legs are system. The pilot and copilot computmade of aluminum, and all of the elecers provide the graphic user interface tric motors and harmonic drives are and joystick interface to the operators. contained in the watertight aluminum The video computer displays and saves housing. The legs and body are covall of the video data from CR200 and its ered by fber-reinforced plastic skins. onboard cameras. The navigation comThe body frame of CR200 is made of puter displays the locations of CR200, carbon fber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) mother ship and target points using the so that it is lighter and stronger than GPS and USBL data. The navigation conventional underwater vehicles. computer provides planning functions Stiffness and strength of the CFRP are for survey and inspection of the target 1.5 and 4.4 times higher than Alumiarea. The sonar computer displays realnum 6061-T6. Adopting CFRP as a time acoustic images from the acoustic body frame reduces the load on the camera and scanning sonar. The mislegs and achieves improvement in sion computer was installed to support strength. special mission sensors that may be The front two legs of CR200 act as installed in the future, such as a magcombination arms and legs, and the netic feld sensor, sub-bottom profler other four legs are dedicated legs. Each and laser scanner. arm-leg combo has seven joints, while the dedicated legs have four joints. Survey, Inspection System Each arm-leg uses four joints in hexaFor Turbid Water pod walking and seven joints in maThere are three kinds of vision sysnipulation. Three joints for each leg are tems on CR200: a high-resolution usually suffcient for the hexapod gait, scanning sonar, an acoustic camera but using four-joint legs, which have and optical cameras. The high-resoluone redundant joint, optimizes the rotion scanning sonar for seafoor tomogbot posture for the current or uneven raphy covers a 3-to-150-meter range. seafoor with redundancy. The length The update rate of the scanning sonar ratio of thigh to shank was determined is less than the acoustic camera. Howas 3:4 from biological data of creatures Sea & Sun Marine Tech Sea & Sun Technology October 2013 / st 35

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