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marineelectronics Boatracs Electronically Manages Fleet Operators's Vessels Boatracs Inc. (San Diego, California) has completed a feet-wide implementation for Fleet Operators Inc. (Morgan City, Louisiana) to manage its vessel communications and tracking, as well as logs for billing, human resources and maintenance. This includes the Boatracs Narrowband satellite solution for communications beyond cellular range, Boatracs BTConnect for vessel tracking and Boatracs BTForms for electronic logs. Fleet Operators's oil and gas industry customers have been requiring an electronic version of vessel logs, and the company needed a way to maintain constant connectivity with its vessels to collect this data in a low-cost, easy-to-use way that did not require maintenance of an IT department. DNV Engineer Wins Prize for Thesis on CFD in Marine Turbines Philimon Gonidakis, a senior engineer with DNV (Høvik, Norway), was named the recipient of Cranfeld University's Professor John Sharp Prize. Gonidakis has just completed a master's in offshore and ocean technology at the university, which was jointly funded by DNV Piraeus in Greece and the DNV Education Fund. The thesis used computational fuid dynamics (CFD) to investigate marine turbine performance. It was funded by DNV and is entitled "CFD modeling and simulation of an experimentally investigated horizontal axis marine current turbine and study of the free surface proximity impact on its performance and wake formation." The thesis shows the impact of boundaries in the effciency of a turbine, which can be positive or negative. "As opposed to wind turbines, tidal turbines are normally installed in narrow and shallow straits where the fow interacts with the boundaries and the fow regime that the turbine sees alters signifcantly," Gonidakis said. "It is vitally important to attract and retain talent in the industry to en- sure the energy and maritime sectors continue to thrive," Hari Vamadevan, DNV's U.K. regional manager, said. "I hope this award will encourage other students, at any stage in their education, that hard work and innovative thinking is recognized and can play its part in the future of the industry." WW Is First Wireless Broadband Network for US Inland Waters Aboard its newly refurbished river feet vessel, the MV Safety Pledge, CONSOL Energy Inc. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) and the Port of Pittsburgh Commission unveiled the frst wireless broadband network deployed on inland waterways in the U.S.  Developed on Pittsburgh's three rivers over the past several months, this new neutral wireless broadband network, called the Wireless Waterways (WW), will connect proprietary, stovepiped, and stand-alone systems into one system of systems to improve the safety, security and effciency of the inland waterways and the thousands of vessels that navigate them every day.  The WW is comprised of an interconnected network of physical devices and applications useful in river com- "Tracking cables just got easier and cheaper with Fishers Cable Tracker 1" -Jack Fisher, President "Fishers CT-1 Cable Tracking System was specifically designed to locate and track buried power and communications cables. The system Signal Injector will locate and track cables on land or underwater and CT-1 Cable Tracking System will locate faults or breaks in a cable. Only $14,495 The Cable Tracker 1 system consists of the Signal Injector and the Cable Tracker Probe all for one low price." Call for a free catalog or visit our web site: Scan-650 Scanning Sonar $6,995 DDW-1 Pingers Depressor Wing Pingers and Receivers $1,295 $695 P12 ROVs Side Scans $19,995 $19,995 Boat-towed Metal Detector $9,495 1953 County St., E. Taunton, MA 02718 USA • (800)822-4744 (508)822-7330 • FAX: (508)880-8949 • email: • July 2013 / st 57

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