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st looksback May Issue 25 Years Ago 1988. Countries exporting to the U.S. yellowfn tuna caught in the eastern tropical Pacifc were required by NOAA to take steps to reduce the number of dolphins killed during purse seine fshing. ... The U.K.'s frst realtime differential marine GPS service was established by Scorpio Marine Electronics, U.K. ... Scientists aboard the 470-foot drillship JOIDES Resolution retrieved samples of ocean crust from the Atlantic II Fracture Zone in the Indian Ocean, a chasm large enough to hold the Grand Canyon. 15 Years Ago 1998. The U.S. Defense Department announced it would invest $50 million to advance networking technologies and new applications through deployment of national-scale testbeds. ... Measurements by NOAA's Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory indicated that three bromine-containing extinguishants (halons H-1211, H-1301 and H-2402) were still being released into the atmosphere in amounts that could further deplete the ozone. ... Diversa Corp. discovered unique, thermostable enzymes located in the symbiotic bacteria associated with the Pompeii hydrothermal vent worm, the most eurythermal organism and thermotolerant metazoan yet discovered then. 10 Years Ago 2003. Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Philip Boyd of the University of Otago, New Zealand, reported that iron fertilization as a means to lock up carbon in the oceans should be explored, but they also noted limited evidence that iron particles can carry large quantities of carbon to the deep ocean. ... A patch of black water spanning more than 100 kilometers in diameter and containing toxic microscopic plants contributed to severe coral reef stress and death in the Florida Keys. ... U.K.based RS Aqua Ltd. reported that a TriOS Optical Sensors hyperspectral radiometer system would be used to monitor ocean color in the Irish Sea to enhance understanding of the area. n 82 st / MAY 2013

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