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Data Acquisition and Processing The Silas EBP-10 is a portable system for seismic surveying and sub-bottom classifcation. A combination of an echosounder and a profling system, the EBP-10 has a frequency fexibility ranging from 3.5 to 50 kHz. Stema Systems. Handheld Water Quality Monitor The smarTroll handheld instrument and iSitu smartphone application can read 14 water quality parameters with a smartphone. The application is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The system can monitor various measurements, including dissolved oxygen, pH and salinity. In-Situ Inc. Multiple Plankton Sampler Offering a depth range of 3,000 m, the MultiNet Mammoth is a sampling system for horizontal and vertical collections in successive water layers. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -40o C to 85o C. Hydro-Bios. Remote Operated Towing Vehicle With towing speeds up to 4 kt, the Flying Fish is a remote operated towing vehicle (ROTV) that is fully automatic and requires vessel navigation at only a few meters. The ROTV carries Smartrak and Smartsearch technologies. Its capabilities include cable DOB survey and power cable fault location. Innovatum Ltd. Risk-Management Software The risk-management tool, EasyRisk Manager, is now incorporated with the Synergi Life risk and QHSE-management solution. The web-based soft- ware provides real-time information and covers all risk and QHSE requirements. DNV Software. Multibeam and Lidar System The PMLS combines multibeam and lidar operations and has a 250 M scanning laser module. Components of the system include a UPS power supply, QINSy hydrographic survey software and 3D point cloud processing. iLinks Geosolutions LLC. High-Speed Imaging With 1280-by-1024 resolution and up to 3,500 frames per second, the Fastcam SA8 provides high-quality, highspeed images. The Fastcam's digital sensor has an ISO 5,000 for monochrome and ISO 2,500 for color. It is available with 4 GB or 8 GB memory. Photron Inc. Custom Vessels SS Series 44-ft. to 65-ft. aluminum vessels can be customized with several outftting options and accessories. Propulsion options include inboard, stern drive or jet drive. Fendering options include 3-in. D rubber, 4-in. D rubber, foam/air collateral system or viking fendering. Silver Ships Inc. Custom Digital Chart Catalogue ChartBrowser 2.0 manages digital products on board a vessel or at a shipping company. It supports all ENC formats and is free of charge. The software can create routes, select charts and manage a chart inventory. Chartworld International. Electronic Navigational Charts Available as an online subscription, ENC Web Service delivers electronic navigational charts (ENCs) directly to a desktop or web GIS. The display is in layers allowing different ENC scales to be viewed. It offers IHO (S-52 compliant) symbology and can be tailored to the user. Geomod and OceanWise Ltd. Sensor Replacement System The PBOF (pressure-balanced oilflled) manifold is a modular system that enables sensors to be replaced without feld terminations. It is compatible with rubber-molded cable and oil-flled hoses. Each connector is independently water-blocked. SEA CON. Bathymetric Surveyor The HydroSurveyor includes software and a hydrographic surveying ADCP. Water sound speed corrections are interpolated in both space and time with the fully integrated CastAway-CTD. Full water column velocity mapping, fve-beam depth sounding and acoustic bottom tracking provide comprehensive data. Automatic data gridding and interpolation are included. SonTek. n MAY 2013 / st 69

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