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TerraSond's 50 terabytes are modest and effectively—getting it out of its silos and compared to some major repositories. into the hands of the people who need it." NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center Central to that challenge is the task of alone is managing more than 750 terabytes making key information more universalof marine data, and adding 20 to 30 teraly accessible—for the sake of modeling, bytes quarterly through its network of prisearching, storing and computing—without vate and public survey vessels. relying on any one proprietary format, and Big data requires specialized knowledge, without the constraints of increasingly large training, software and, most importantly, a data volume. community of individuals who understand both the processing and the products of raw Reducing Software Dependence information. Increasingly, these people are Personal computing and, increasingly, dispersed across offces, organizations and enterprise IT are migrating toward a framecountries around the globe, making them work that leverages cloud computing and far more dependent on the systems that colstorage to make end-user experiences lect and process ocean data today than ever more simple, fuid and unifed on devices before. that are increasingly more lightweight and This dependency comes with tangible ClipCards present a rich abstract mobile. With a few swipes of the thumb, expenses—licensing fees, training, hard- of big data that can be viewed and users across industries can book global ware upgrades, expensive consultants— shared anywhere. travel, manage major fnancial transacand a signifcant opportunity cost to protions and communicate vital information ductivity and progress. A single ocean cruise takes weeks securely. or months, utilizes thousands of labor hours and requires These tasks are exponentially harder when the data are a signifcant fnancial investment. Furthermore, this type of terabytes in size, and reliant on proprietary formats and exsurvey is usually conducted for a single purpose, with the pensive site licenses. Additional challenges include a lack of data later shelved. This puts valuable data out of reach for universal standards for proprietary software makers and of potential recipients in other industries or sectors. fber-optic capacity to move ever-larger data sets. "Data is growing exponentially in volume, velocity and The marine data space is experiencing a deepening of variety," said Ed Lazowska, the Bill and Melinda Gates chair end-user complexity and software dependency. OneOcean of computer science and engineering at the University of focused on a way to model and share big data without havWashington. "The challenge is putting it to work effciently ing to move it around. The result is an abstract of big data TRIGGERFISH T4N ROV Power Performance Easy to Deploy ...WHEN SIZE, PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY MATTER DOE, INC. 2528 Qume Drive, Ste 11 San Jose, CA 95131 USA Tel: 408-436-1102 Fax: 408-436-1108 May 2013 / st 19

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