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MAY 2013

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Se a M de -Bi ore pl rd th oy IM a si ed in n 3 nc w s ,0 e or tru 00 19 ld m 97 w en id ts e Real-Time Data Moorings using Field-Proven Sea-Bird Inductive Modem (IM) Telemetry IMM Inductive Modem Module Using a standard plastic-jacketed, galvanized-steel-wire mooring cable as the communication link, up to 100 instruments are easily positioned at any depth up to 6000 meters without cable connectors ICC SBE 37-IMP-ODO CTD-DO CT-DO Inductive Cable Coupler CTD CT(D)-DO Recorder with Integral Pump SBE 37-IMP SBE 39-IM CT CTD T CT T(D) Recorder TD CT(D) Recorder with Integral Pump SBE 16plus-IM V2 Third Party Examples Third party instrument with integrated IMM CT CTD & Auxiliary Sensors TRDI DVS with integrated IMM Nortek Aquadopp IM400 UIMM Underwater Inductive Modem ADCP or other serial instrument Underwater Inductive Modem Module CT(D) Recorder with Auxiliary Sensors (DO, Fluorometer, Turbidity, PAR, etc.) Maximum 6000 meters (make any RS-232 instrument compatible with Sea-Bird IM telemetry) Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc. 13431 NE 20th Street, Bellevue, Washington 98005 USA 14 st / May 2013 E-mail: Telephone: (425) 643-9866 Fax: (425) 643-9954

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