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retain the data transfer command syntax for existing proflers, McLane and RBR used in previous proflers. also developed a secondary interface After completing the integration and board to map the I/O and power from bench testing in air, McLane and RBR the CF2 to existing profler sensors, cooperated to execute a feld test in motor, inductive modem and watchBuzzards Bay, Massachusetts, and condog circuit. frm the system throughput of the proMapping the electrical connecfler and inductive modem communications and porting the frmware to contion system. trol the profler was a signifcant task. In January 2012, they deployed a However, the effort resulted in an upseafoor node with profler electronics dated controller with all the previous (a simulated profler) and preloaded profler functionality and a path to fudata fles ready to transfer. The surface ture expansion. controller was on the vessel, which was connected to the seafoor node by 1,500 Mission Planner meters of 3/16-inch 3 x 19 jacketed wire For the planned OOI arrays, a misrope. The effective length of the seawasion planner was needed to manage ter distance between the two inductive Solid model of the profler and sensor suite the database of proflers, data and modems was 1,425 meters (measured for the Global (left) and Coastal (right) WFP. schedules, some of which may be upby GPS). A series of automated data dated during the deployment based transfers confrmed a modem-to-moon science requirements. The Mission dem transfer rate of 4,800 baud and system throughput of Planner is an integrated tool with a functional user interface, 3,200 to 3,500 baud. basic data processing and battery-endurance estimator that meets the OOI specifcation. CPU Electronics The Mission Planner is built upon two existing software The additional sensors and data density specifed on the tools, Deployment Planner and Unpacker. Both of these OOI profler required an upgrade to the controller electrontools have been used for many years by McLane during the ics. McLane chose Persistor Instruments��� (Marstons Mills, deployment and recovery of a single profler. The DeployMassachusetts) CF2 because of its 1-megabyte internal RAM, ment Planner allows the user to create profles, patterns and 1-megabyte fash memory and compact fash data storage a schedule to be used by the profler to determine the timed of up to 16 gigabytes. In order to provide an upgrade path movements of the profler over the life of the deployment. TECHNOLOGY LTD ��� Acoustic Transducers ��� Hydrophones ��� Piezoelectric Ceramics Specializing in custom designs and new product development, from prototyping to production. Tel: (705) 444-1440 Ocean Business 2013 Visit us at: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK April 9 - 11, 2013 Booth V21 16 st / FEBRUARY 2013

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