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Page 22 of 49 January 2019 | ST 23 defense, crisis man- agement, cooperative security and maritime security. In the following years, the adaptation to the changed secu- rity environment has been pursued along a reinforcement of the Alliance Maritime Pos- ture (AMP), describing NATO's functions and the use of the Alliance's naval forces. The AMP encompasses oceans, seas and littorals (on, above and below the surface) and comprises the Alli- ance's naval forces, their presence within the maritime domain, and the operational and cooperative activities that they conduct in the performance of three main func- tions, contributing to Alliance security. These functions are: the strategic function—the presence of maritime forces creates strategic effects and demonstrates NATO's intent to operate without constraint, yielding a range of attractive, measured and viable political and military op- tions; the security function—the maintenance of a safe and secure maritime environment can be undertaken through a range of maritime security activities and oper- ations; and the war-fighting function—during peace time and in a crisis, maritime forces provide deterrence and Review&Forecast Key Enabling Technologies Power NATO, EU Maritime Activities Dr. Emilio F. Campana Director, Department of Engineering, ICT and Technologies for Energy and Transportation, Italy National Research Council; Italian Representative for Research, NATO Science and Technology Board Dr. Giovanni Sembenini LTC, Head, NATO and Non-European Countries R&T Programs, Italian Secretariat General of Defence/National Armaments Directorate Dr. Sandro Carniel Senior Scientist, Institute of Marine Sciences, Italy National Research Council O n the basis of the 2010 Strategic Concept and NATO's three core tasks (col- lective defense, crisis management and co- operative security), the 2011 Alliance Mari- time Strategy (AMS) derived the following strategic roles: deter- rence and collective

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