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38 ST | November 2018 Mini ROVs have a high maneuver- ability and power-to-weight ratio, allowing them to carry small tools and manipulators for operating ef- fectively in strong currents. For per- forming subsea operations in chal- lenging environments, they can be deployed from any platform, FPSO, barge or vessel of opportunity and transported to site via helicopter or airline carrier. i-Tech Services. Portable Vibration Calibrator Model 699A07, a compact, bat- tery-powered vibration reference source, can be used to calibrate sensors, as well as to validate the entire measurement channel of a machinery protection system. It calculates and displays test sensor sensitivity in real time. IMI Sensors. Towed Profiling System The Hammerhead accommodates third-party instruments, including side scan sonar, SV units, CTDs and multiparameter sensors. It allows data collection from a single depth or performs an undulating profile between two set depths. Data can be read in real-time output on the touchscreen topside control box or into an independent software. Ocean Scientific International Ltd. Autonomous Vessel Technologies SM300 integrates with vessel sys- tems to manage missions through pilot-by-wire propulsion and steer- ing control, condition monitoring of hull and machinery and remote payload control. The SM200 pro- vides remote vessel control. Sea Machines Robotics Inc. product development For more information on any of these products, visit our website at Miniature ROVs Biocide-Free Anti-Fouling Coating The biocide-free, low-friction self-polishing copolymer (SPC) an- ti-fouling technology, Aquaterras, uses neither biocide materials nor silicone. Its anti-fouling mechanism is based around anti-thrombogenic polymers used in the medical sec- tor. It exposes active micro-domain structures to seawater for long-term performance. Nippon Paint Marine. Compatible Cylinder Lubricants Taro Ultra lubricants are compati- ble with almost all engines, marine bunker fuels and abatement tech- nologies and are compatible with low-sulphur fuel, distillates and many alternative fuels. They work in applications using high-sulphur bunker fuels that require scrubber emission abatement technology. Chevron Marine Lubricants. Data Handling on the Cloud Mapping Cloud provides storage of data within the cloud for up- loading and distributing real-time data. It enables existing PC appli- cations to run in a virtual machine environment and allows users to manage data processing, archiving and sharing through web browsers. Kongsberg Maritime AS. Extended-Range DVL Tracking A proprietary extended-range track- ing (XRT) option is capable of ex- tending the bottom tracking range of its Pathfinder and Pioneer Dop- pler velocity logs (DVL) by 60%. It is included with new DVLs or as a firmware upgrade. Teledyne RD In- struments. Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System The pop-up buoy recovery system (PUB) for the EdgeTech PORT LF SD Keep your Sea Technology subscription up-to-date at CHANGING ADDRESS?

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