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26 ST | November 2018 sions, streaming data—with guaranteed speeds up to 256 kbps—and location tracking for multiple devices. Addi- tional features include 4G LTE pairing, embedded Wi-Fi access and smartphone compatibility, including Android and iOS functionality. The solution's Wi-Fi component is capable of generating a hotspot for multiple users. The system features easy installation—including sin- gle-cable connectivity from antenna to terminal—a 3.5- kg antenna and a powerful, intuitive user interface. The system is API accessible externally, features a simple command structure—accessed through a built-in man- agement portal for configuration and monitoring—that is password protected. Features include least-cost routing through VSAT and 4G networks, traffic management (including a built-in traffic limiter) and a radio-over-IP interface. Data speeds run at up to 352 kbps for uplink and downlink, and the system's software is upgradeable to 700 kbps downlink. For voice communications, the system supports up to three dedicated, high-quality voice lines and PBX-like features on board providing advanced voice configura- tion and calling options. To meet the challenges of maritime environments, VesseLINK hardware is ruggedized to IP67 for the an- tenna rated for protection against the extreme maritime elements. The modem resides inside the below-deck ter- minal, which is constructed of full die-cast aluminum. VesseLINK has six times the throughput of existing Iridium services while being convenient to use and de- ploy. It is lightweight, easy to install and has only one cable between the antenna and the below-deck unit. Approved Technology Through Trusted Partners Thales received Iridium Certus certification in August 2018. The initial trials have revealed that the voice qual- ity is excellent, beyond our expectations, and data trans- mission is working optimally, ready for partner platform integration. Beta testing sea trials for VesseLINK installa- tions should be complete by the end of October 2018. Today, VesseLINK is available through a certified re- seller network. At time of writing, these include MVS USA, MetOcean Telematics, Network Innovations, Piv- otel, SpaceNet, Globalsat Group, Trace and the AST Group. VesseLINK resellers offer the solution for a broad range of maritime markets. As an affordable, enterprise-grade solution designed to meet the unique challenges of mar- itime environments, VesseLINK's lightweight hardware affords a simple, adaptable and robust design and easy- to-use interface for ship captains and crews. It can be installed as a stand-alone solution or used as a VSAT companion. The solution will deliver essential communications for enhanced safety features and critical operations, en- suring that customers have the most reliable capabilities for their individual vessel or fleet-wide needs. It can be equipped on all marine platforms, including commercial shipping, workboats, fishing vessels, leisure and luxury boats, and cruise ships. It will also be available to mili- tary customers as a commercial off-the-shelf solution or be adapted to meet the needs of diverse naval warfare operations. "Thales is pleased to be entering the commercial maritime market with a stand out satellite communica- tions solution," said Mike Sheehan, president and CEO of Thales Defense and Security Inc. "Thales VesseLINK gives your critical maritime operation global communi- cations coverage. It is the communications solution you can depend on at sea, anytime, anywhere. Whether you operate a large fleet or a single vessel, this solution is designed to meet your needs for safety and connectivity through highly reliable, mobile and essential voice, text and web communications." ST Robert Squire is Certus director at Thales Group. "The initial trials have revealed that the voice quality is excellent, beyond our expectations, and data transmission is working optimally, ready for partner platform integration."

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