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32 ST | July 2018 For fast sampling of tilt-acceleration and depth of subsea gear, Star-Oddi announces the new Starmon tilt. The instrument can record as fast as 100 times per second. The large memory stores nine million record- ings, and its battery can last ten years. Star-Oddi hf. Mobile Identification App A new app allows long-term trace- ability through automatic identifi- cation of Eccofloat parts or vehicles. The app uses near field commu- nication as part of a passive radio frequency identification system that allows customers to easily reorder products, look up product informa- tion and design new buoyancy from a smart phone. Trelleborg. New Release of Pipeline Software Version 19.0 of the cloud-based Pipeline Toolbox software features a range of improved calculations and applications to enhance the user experience, along with an embedded new license manager that strengthens security. Technical Toolboxes. Multibeam Sounder The F3X multibeam sounder offers significantly more power than pre- vious models, as well as long pulse time that equates to more energy in the water and increased clarity in shallow and medium depths of 50 to 500 m. The F3X, with an 80-kHz transducer, provides the ability to operate as a sounder in depths of 1,000 m. WASSP. Wide Angle Conversion Lenses The UWL-400F 24-mm and UWL- 04F 28-mm wide-angle lenses are "wet" wide-angle lenses for com- pact housings. UWL-400F features a wide field of view and zero min- imal focus distance for extra sharp wide angle and close focus images. UWL-04F has a 160° field of view. Fantasea Line. product development For more information on any of these products, visit our website at Fast Tilt-Acceleration Logger Single-Beam Data Viewer A new online SBES Echogram view displays single-beam echogram data to control a single-beam de- vice. The new features eliminate the need for external visualization or command and control software, enabling more screen space for survey information. Teledyne PDS. Deep-Sea Camera System A new pressure-activated self-con- tained camera system is activated by a pressure switch in an intelli- gent battery pack that can be pro- grammed at the surface to turn the camera on and off at specific depths. It can also independently or concurrently activate any instru- mentation that is connected to it. OSIL. Satellite Terminal ST 6100 includes a satellite ter- minal with a built-in antenna and accelerometer, expanded memory and enhanced GPS. It is environ- mentally sealed and can be used to remotely control equipment, including reclosers, pipelines, me- ters and generators operating in ex- treme environments. ORBCOMM. Automated Oil Blending The SEA-Mate blending-on-board product line for blending in-use IS NOW ONLINE OUR NEW WEBSITE Visit to enjoy our new layout • Exclusive content on our online blog and • Email notifications for site updates NEW site features include: SEA-TECHNOLOGY.COM

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