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Page 47 of 68 September 2017 / st 47 gerous electrical situations. A series of neon-light combinations indicates specific circuit conditions. Hubbell Marine Electrical Products. Miniature Accelerometer For applications that demand mini- mal sensitivity change across a wide temperature range, Model 320C53 features a sensitivity of 1 mV/g to com- plement the Model 320C52 sensitiv- ity of 10 mV/g. Both models feature a UHT-12 sensing element that provides a stable sensitivity over large thermal shifts. PCB Piezotronics Inc. Subsea Oilfield Communications The Quad Serial Server (QSS) mod- ule combines a four-channel serial server with integrated three-port Eth- ernet switch on a single 3U Eurocard to seamlessly integrate serial interface sensors with modern Ethernet-based control systems. Moog Focal. Shortwave-Infrared Camera The world's first megapixel, shortwave- infrared camera with no ITAR export restrictions, the 1280SciCam has a 1280 x 1024 image sensor on a 12 µm pitch, featuring long exposure times, information such as operation status and positioning in real time. Sealite. Camera Screen Magnifier When installed on the Fantasea cam- era housing, the UMG-02 LCD Mag- nifier provides the underwater photog- rapher with an enlarged, clear, bright and sharp view of the camera LCD screen, making it easier to compose and focus. Fantasea Line. OEM Temperature Sensors 14-bit digital output and full frame rates up to 95 Hz. Princeton Infrared Technologies Inc. Modular Marine Business Software Ideal for manufacturers and distribu- tors, MasterTools combines account- ing, production, project and supply chain management, e-commerce, and service and repair into one enterprise- level system. Online Computing Inc. Identification of Harmful Algae PhytoFind's in-situ algal classification uses specific fluorescence signatures. Real-time abundance estimates are calculated for PE-containing algae (mixed group), PC-containing algae (Cyanophyceae), and total algae. Turn- er Designs Inc. Enhanced Sonar Software A new version of the Discover sonar software contains a new coverage mapper module with advanced navi- gation features allowing the setup of survey lines with a left/right steering indicator for survey line control. The new target logger module has simpli- fied the process of analyzing and mea- suring targets of interest. EdgeTech. ST These digital sensors are ideal for in- tegration on underwater instrumenta- tion, drifting buoys, ROVs, AUVs or industrial and laboratory applications. They have a temperature range of -5 to +45° C. Soundnine Inc. OEM Positioning Firmware The 7.03.00 firmware is now available on all OEM7 receivers. The OEM7700, OEM719 and OEM729 can be up- dated to the 7.03.00 firmware, which supports new features such as the SPAN Land Vehicle technology, direct IMU connections and tracking of the NavIC Indian regional satellite system on the L5 frequency. NovAtel Inc. UV Protection MagicEzy UV Shield protects glass, hard and flexible clear acrylic win- dows, vinyl and the fabric-seam stitches on vinyl and canvas biminis or dodgers for up to three months. Water beading technology repels rain and re- leases sand, salt and dust. MagicEzy. Hydraulic Power Packs Air-operated, the hydraulic power pack for the offshore oil and gas indus- try provides a rugged, self-contained source of hydraulic power utilizing an air-driven pump to deliver output pressures to 65,000 psi and flow rates up to 14 gpm on the lowest-pressure model. High Pressure Equipment Co. Compact Circuit Tester The HBL5200 outlet circuit tester iden- tifies wiring problems to prevent dan- US and European kits available Learn more at PREVCO.COM/vacuum-kit Vacuum Leak Test Kit Compact and Portable Dry Nitrogen Backfill

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