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34 st / September 2017 the first side-by-side com- parison of the new soft- ware with the legacy con- troller. And while certain immediate advantages were recognized (spin- ning valves and mating hot stabs and electrical connectors, for example), further suggestions were made and additional en- hancements were added to advance the software's capabili- ties. Once again, the BluHaptics team iterated the code and used the feedback to evolve the product to a point where it was ready for an offshore field demonstration thousands of feet underwater. Field Trials At Sea The field trials at sea represented the last proof point with customers before product launch. Would DexOS demon- strate value in real scenarios? Would seasoned ROV pilots be open to using something new? Would they prefer the gamepad and DexOS to the legacy controller? In June 2017, BluHaptics had its first opportunity to put DexOS to use off the coast of western Africa with a "Lead the Field" partner. BluHaptics' software was initially tested by ROV pilots on deck, then used to complete tasks subsea at 1,500-m depth. With a BluHaptics' engineer on site, the field trial was able to test the setup, demonstrate value-in- use and gather responses from ROV pilots and supervisors alike. While DexOS was met with some initial skepticism and trepidation, the response at the end of the week-long trial was widely positive. tool changes and routine tasks like hot stabs, and how lock- ing movements onto a plane could assist with cutting tasks to reduce binding and breakage of cutting tools. More than 10 operators and field services companies experimented with the new software, each one providing affirmation that BluHaptics was on the right path but with suggestions for improvement. Feedback included using icons instead of words since the control system is used globally and match- ing all of the capabilities of the legacy controller. After a rapid development cycle and integration with simulators and control rooms, a subsequent release was is- sued for the next level of customer feedback: system integra- tion tests (SITs), where project managers demonstrate inter- vention tools and concepts onshore with a mock-ROV in air for consideration in future offshore intervention operations. Warehouse and Simulator Demonstrations Over the course of the next several months, BluHaptics engaged in multiple SITs and demonstrations at customer facilities. DexOS was plugged into actual control rooms, running manipulators on mock-ROVs in a warehouse or plugged into ROV-simulator control rooms to demonstrate its ability to complete real-world, complex tasks. This was High-value mock tasks were selected to demonstrate DexOS's features.

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