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68 st / August 2017 August Issue 25 Years Ago 1992. AT&T developed a prototype digital sonar device to find materials suspended in mid-ocean or buried in seabeds. It uses AT&T Bell Laboratories' digital signal processing technology in an 8-by-27-in. pressurized cannister. ... The U.S. Office of Naval Research dis- covered a new means of studying the ocean acoustically, relying on naturally occurring ambient noise. Scattered sound radiation could be focused on an image plane via acoustic lens, pro- cessed and displayed for swimmers or mine detection. ... Two Era Aviation helicopters and an Alaska-based crew traveled to the Sakhalin Islands to pro- vide the first crew support services in the Arctic. This was the first time a U.S. helicopter operator provided and flew U.S.-registered helicopters in Russia. 15 Years Ago 2002. Emu Ltd. completed a series of survey and environmental studies to support proposed European offshore renewable energy developments. ... With the help of a small Canadian tech- nology company, the Canadian Coast Guard installed the first fully lit marine navigation system in the world using a lightweight, LED, solar-powered ma- rine light. ... Tim Kusky discovered the world's first large, intact piece of oce- anic mantle from the planet's earliest period, the Archean. The nearly mile- long section of rock may hold clues as to when life developed on the planet. 10 Years Ago 2007. Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.'s application for listing its com- mon stock on the Nasdaq Stock Mar- ket was approved. ... The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution found new evidence that the fragmented structure of seafloor faults, along with previously unrecognized volcanic activity, may be dampening the effects of deep-ocean quakes. ... The first buoy to monitor ocean acidification was launched in the Gulf of Alaska. Sensors to measure climate indicators were attached to the 10-ft.-diameter buoy to measure air-sea exchange of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen gas, in addition to the pH of surface waters. ST st looksback ARGENTINA • AUSTRALIA • AUSTRIA • AZERBAIJAN • BANGLADESH • BELGIUM • BELIZE BERMUDA • BOTSWANA • BRAZIL • BRITISH WEST INDIES • BRUNEI • BULGARIA • CANADA CANARY ISLANDS • CENTRAL AFRICAN REP. • CHANNEL ISLANDS • CHILE • CHINA • COLOMBIA COOK ISLANDS • COSTA RICA • CROATIA • CUBA • CYPRUS • CZECH REPUBLIC • DENMARK DOMINICAN REPUBLIC • ECUADOR • EGYPT • ENGLAND • ESTONIA • FAEROE ISLANDS • FIJI FINLAND • FRANCE • GERMANY • GHANA • GREECE • HONDURAS • HONG KONG • ICELAND INDIA • INDONESIA • IRAN • IRELAND • ISRAEL • ITALY • JAMAICA • JAPAN • JORDAN KAZAKHSTAN • KENYA • KOREA • KUWAIT • LAOS • LATVIA • LITHUANIA • MACEDONIA MALAYSIA • MALDIVES • MALTA • MAURITIUS • MEXICO • MONACO • MOROCCO NORTHERN IRELAND • NAMIBIA • NETHERLANDS • NEW CALEDONIA • NEW ZEALAND NICARAGUA • NIGER • NIGERIA • NORWAY • OMAN • PAKISTAN • PERU • PHILIPPINES • POLAND PORTUGAL • QATAR • REPUBLIC OF CHINA • REPUBLIC OF KOREA • REPUBLIC OF PANAMA ROMANIA • RUSSIA • SAUDI ARABIA • SCOTLAND • SERBIA • SINGAPORE • SLOVENIA SOLOMON ISLANDS • SOUTH AFRICA • SPAIN • SRI LANKA • SWEDEN • SWITZERLAND • TAIWAN THAILAND • TONGA • TRINIDAD & TOBAGO • TUNISIA • TURKEY • TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS UKRAINE • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES • UNITED STATES • URUGUAY VENEZUELA • VIETNAM • WALES • WEST INDIES Compass Publications, Inc. • 1600 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1010, Arlington, VA 22209-2510 • T 703.524.3136 • F 703.841.0852 Are you doing business in these countries? For more than 53 years, Sea Technology has delivered advertising messages to readers globally. Are you doing business in these countries? For more than 53 years, Sea Technology has delivered advertising messages to readers globally. SEA TECHNOLOGY SERVICES THE WORLD SEA TECHNOLOGY SERVICES THE WORLD

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