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52 st / August 2017 BPR is an instrument for tsunami and earthquake early warning systems. The package can resolve very small signals and record those internally for several years. It can be attached to an under- water observatory. RBR Ltd. Sub-bottom Profiling Software is in- tended for the acquisition and pro- cessing of sub-bottom profiling data for marine geophysical, engineering and geotechnical site surveys, dredg- ing and mining applications. The package has a comprehensive global geodesy model. HYPACK Inc. Hydraulic Valve Packs The Curvetech range of oil-filled hy- draulic valve packs can be supplied with a range of solenoid or servo valves fit for a variety of functions, flows and pressures. All valve packs include internal valve drive electron- ics that are addressable using RS485 communication protocol. SMD. Fluorescent Floodlight The LUV-LED is an oceanographic floodlight for coral fluorescence. At 440 nm, the light output is ideal for safely enhancing the appearance of coral and underwater ecosystems. It is depth rated to 4,000 m. ROS. Propeller Design Software HydroComp PropCad 2017 software is designed for geometric modeling of marine propellers for design and man- ufacture. It provides automatic prepa- ration of 2D design drawings, 3D off- sets, thickness classification reports and CAD/CAM data. HydroComp Inc. Data Logger Combining a triaxial quartz accel- erometer and a 10-ppb bottom pres- sure recorder, the RBRconcerto ACC. productdevelopment For more information on any of these products, visit our website at Harpoon Power 65 and Harpoon En- ergy 97 energy storage systems use the latest advances in lithium-ion cell technology to deliver a clean tech- nology solution for shipowners and operators. Harpoon Energy 97 is de- signed for commercial applications, with up to a 90,000-hour calendar life. Harpoon Power 65 is capable of more than 15,000 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge. PBES. Case-Isolated Accelerometers The new triaxial ICP accelerometer models 354A04 and 354A05 have tita- nium housings and are case isolated to help ensure measurement accuracy in the presence of electrical noise sourc- es such as EMI and ground loops. The case-isolated design eliminates the need for special isolation bases, coat- ings and insulated mounting screws. PCB Piezotronics Inc. Weather Tools for Logistics Three new weather analytic tools can be utilized as standalone or consumed through application programming in- terfaces (APIs) into customers' exist- ing platforms. These solutions include: weather impedance calculators, weather route delays and refined ETA prediction. StormGeo. Three-Wheel Utility Crawler The DT640 Utility Crawler is a sleek robot that provides live video from in and out of the water. It is equipped with a high-res camera and a multi- tude of application-specific add-ons and has a magnetic option. Deep Trek- ker Inc. Offshore Imaging Solution TopSeis has been designed to image Profiling Software Package Energy Storage Systems

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